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Welcome to Dance Austin, a premiere dance website for Austin, Texas.

This website is dedicated to the people who live in one of the greatest cities on earth, Austin, Texas, and who enjoy recreational dancing of all kinds.

GIF: Swing Dancers

Let me tell you briefly what is in Dance Austin. 

  • Want to know where to dance in Austin? Check out Nightclubs--Swing, Country and Western and Latin
  • Want to know the best Swing bands in Austin?  Check out The Bands.
  • Want dance-related announcements, join "Dance Austin," an interactive e-mail announcement list.
  • Want to know where to go to learn to dance? Check out my listing of a few of the best dance instructors in Austin, their costs, class offerings and so on.
  • Interact with others from Austin on the message board.
  • This is not the only Austin dance-related website. Check out the others in Links.

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