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Dance Nightclubs: Swing, Country Western & Latin


Since there are so many young professional people, here, Austin, Texas is filled with Nightclubs, and the city has earned the title of "Music Capital of the World."

Swing Nightclubs

Here are some of the best places to Swing Dance: Jitterbug, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing and so on.

Speakeasy, 412-D Congress Avenue, 512-476-8017
Speakeasy is a great place to go swing dancing on the weekends. The dance floor is very small, but the crowd is enthusiastic. Great live bands on the weekends and dance lessons on Tuesday night

speakeasy.jpg (10471 bytes)

Tangerines, 9721 Arboretum Boulevard, 512-343-2626 (Tuesday and Friday evenings from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.)
Tangerines is basically a disco that is connected to a hotel in the Arboretum.  However, on Tuesday evenings, the Heart of Texas Whip Club practices Whip (i.e., a variation of West Coast Swing) from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. DJ spins records

Caucus Club
, 912 Red River, 512-472-CURE
They call themselves a jazz and martini bar, but they have swing band a few nights per week.  Nice atmosphere. They have a moderate size-dance floor, and it can get hot in the Summer time. Lots of enthusiastic swing dancers.

caucus.jpg (6643 bytes)

Cedar Street
, 208 W. Fourth, 512-708-8811
Cedar Street is an upscale jazz place with a nice outdoor patio. They also have great R&B musicians on some nights. They do not really have a dance floor; consequently, not many people dance. However, check the listings for swing bands.
  cedarstreet.jpg (7142 bytes)

Carousel Lounge
1110 E. 52nd Street, Austin 78723, 512-452-6790
This is a dive during the day, but on some nights, like Wednesday and some weekends, the place transforms into a Swing joint. Four on the Floor teaches classes on Wednesday. Check the listings for swing bands on the weekend


Donn's Depot
, 1600 W. 5th Street.
This is where the older crowd goes to swing dance. Don plays a mix of oldies with a few Swing dances thrown in.

Dessau Hall, 13422 Dessau Road, Austin, 512-252-1123
Located near Pflugerville. Dessau Hall is primarily a country and western dance hall, but lately, the management has been experimenting with Swing bands on some nights (e.g., Thursday evenings). Check the listings for Swing bands. The dance floor is very large.

Country & Western Nightclubs

Here are some of the best places to Country Dance: Two Step, CW Waltz, Triple Two Step and Polka.

Dallas Night Club, 7113 Burnet Road,   512-452-2801. The great dancers usually come out on Sunday night at Dallas. Sunday and Thursday evenings are when several dance clubs practice at Dallas, but this is a great place to dance almost any day of the week.  DJ spins records. nn Dallas.jpg (6256 bytes)

, 2113 Wells Branch Parkway, 512-990-5991. Ropers is north of town, and it is a very popular C&W dance spot among the North Austin crowd. Wednesday night is lady's night, but go before 10:00 p.m., that's when they hike the prices on the beer. Weekends are also crowded. DJ spins records.
  ropers.jpg (7181 bytes)

Broken Spoke
, 3201 S. Lamar Boulevard, 512-442-6189. The Broken Spoke is a real Texas Honky Tonk.  Live bands almost every night of the week. Lots of good country people at this South Austin joint. Not the best dancers in town, but this is where the real cowpokes go to Two Step.
  brokenspk.jpg (8522 bytes)

South 40
, 629 W. Ben White Blvd., 512-444-9329. This is a popular C&W dance hall among the South Austin crowd. This joint is so countrified that the shit kickers have to wipe the cow paddies from their boots when they enter. DJ spins records.
  south40.jpg (5468 bytes)

Latin Nightclubs

Are you in the mood for Salsa or Meringue?  Check these Latin clubs out.

Azucar, 4th & Colorado. This is a Latin night club where a DJ spins records to a Salsa rythm. They have a free buffet on some nights. This is the newest Latin Dance club in Austin.

Miguel's La Bodega, 415 Colorado (between 4th & 5th), 472-2369. Salsa lessons on Thursday and Friday evenings for $5. Live bands, Thursday through Sunday. Dance floor gets to crowded that it is hard to Salsa. Probably the most popular Latin club in Austin.

Meno, 217 Congress (near 2nd Street), 479-5094. Intermediate Salsa lessons on Thursday evenings for $5. Large dance floor; less crowded that Miguel's. One actually has room to Salsa in this joint. DJ spins records.

The Ritz Lounge 320 East 6th (at Trinity), 474-2270. Lately, Tosca (Tango) plays every Thursday evening.

Twist 505 Neches (between 5th & 6th), 320-TWST. Wednesday evening is Latin Night. Salsa lessons from 6 to 9 p.m. DJ Suave spins records.

Borinquen 2728 South Congress (1 light South of Oltorf), 443-4252. Check for bands on the weekend.


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