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Swing Bands that perform in Austin

Rocket 69--Plays at Caucus Club a lot. Female lead vocalist. [Hotter than a hooker on dollar day]

Jive Bombers--Female lead vocalist, Dana Dattlo, belts out a fast beat. [Hotter than a June bride]

Day Jobs--Plays often at the Caucus Club during the week. Plays swing music from the 20s to 50s, plus a few originals. I like their rhythm. [Hotter than a twenty-dollar Rolex]

Spies Like Us--Based out of San Antonio, these guys have a lot of energy and a fast beat. [Hotter than a Hell's Angels' hooker]

The Lucky Strikes--They can do both soft jazz or big-band swing. [Hotter than a Texas highway in August]

Cherry Poppin' Daddies--With roots in rock, these guys can put on a show. From their website: "with music that merges the spirit of Swing with a Punk rock sensibility." [Hot enough to make a brick sweat]

Indigo Swing--One of the best swing bands in the country, based out of San Francisco, I saw them perform at the UT Ballroom during South by Southwest 98. They were great. [Hotter than a one-legged man in an all-day ass-kicking contest]

8 1/2 Souvenirs--Jazz roots. This is what they say about themselves: "cosmopolitan pop swing with a hint of Django, a pinch of Rubinstein, a taste of rhythm and blues." I think they are trying to invent a new music genre. [Hotter than an Eskimo in El Paso]

Ginger Leigh & Front Porch Swing--I do not know much about Ginger and her band, but I hear she is good. [Hotter than a rested tomcat on a Saturday night]

Seth Walker--Blues man with some swing in him. [Hotter than hot pants on Divine]

Brent Gorrel & 47 Indians--good swing band; very popular in Austin. Play alot of Speakeasy. [Hotter than sandpaper on a sun burn]

The Recliners--more lounge than swing

One O'Clock Jump--new, six-piece band with singer Shelly Bhushan

Nash Hernandez Orchestra--12-piece orchestra, does a lot of ballroom stuff (foxtrot, waltz, cha-cha, swing) [Hotter than a Crisco bubble bath]

Alamo Suite--three guys, who play a variety (lounge and swing)

Git Gone

Judith Miller

Mr. Fabulous--big band sound.

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"Hotism" are courtesy of Chris Humphries of Chris Picks.

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